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FOR SALE pdp11/44 system
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The pdp11/44 system is a unibus based system, made by Digital Equipment Corporation in the 1980s.
Front Bezel, BA11- Mounting Box, H7140-AA / H7140-AB Power Supply Unit.
DD11-DK Backplane (70-16502)
KD11-Z (M7090 Console Interface Module, M7094 Data Path Module, M7095 Control Module, M7096 Multifunction Module, M7098 Unibus Interfact Module)
MS11-MB - 256K bytes ECC memory, hex.
MS11-MC - 512K bytes on two hex-height modules
MS11-MD - 758K bytes
FP11-F - Floating-point processor (M7093)
KE44-A - Commercial Instruction Set processor quad height module (M7091) and hex-height module (M7092)
H7750-BA Battery backup unit 240V


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